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Disabled Bathroom Facilities Grant
comment_icon Written on September 8, 2011 at 10:52 am  

We specialise in Wet Room and Disabled Bathroom design, installation and adaptation.

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Below is some useful information taken from the stockport council website.

If you or someone you live with is disabled, a Disabled Facilities Grant (DFG) may help pay for an adaptation.

DFGs are given for adaptations which help people access the main living areas of their home, and for adaptations which improve comfort, safety and independence.

Grants may be:

A) Mandatory

This means that the Council must offer you a grant if you meet the qualifying criteria. For further details please refer to the booklet ‘Disabled Facilities Grants’ produced by the Government Department,  Communities and Local Government (See ‘Related Links’ on the right of this page).

Examples of adaptations that a mandatory grant could pay for are:

  • Installing a stair-lift to help you to get to your bedroom and bathroom
  • Widening doorways and installing ramps
  • Improving the heating system to provide one that is suitable for a disabled persons medical needs
  • Providing accessible bathing facilities, e.g. level access shower in place of a bath
  • Putting light switches and / or plug sockets at a suitable height for a disabled person

The maximum mandatory grant is £30,000. The grant is means-tested for disabled adults needing adaptations to their homes. This means that depending on your financial circumstances and those of your partner, if relevant, you may have to pay something towards that cost of the adaptation. Therefore grant aid is not always available, nor will grants always pay for the full cost of the work. You will be advised of this as early as possible in the grant application process so that you can decide if you wish to continue with your grant application.

Note: since 31st December 2005, means testing for disabled children no longer applies.

The booklet "Adapting Your Home" (see Related Documents) outlines the various stages of the grant application process and the steps involved.

B) Discretionary - Disabled Adaptations Assistance

This means that the Council may choose whether or not to offer you this type of financial assistance  and if so for how much.  There may be conditions  requiring repayment of any money offered. For further details please see the Council’s Private Sector Housing Strategy and Private Sector Assistance and Investment Policy (See ‘Related Documents’ on the right of the page.

Examples of adaptation that a discretionary grant could pay for are:

  • To top up a mandatory grant when the amount given is insufficient to meet the full costs.
  • To help a disabled person (and the family living with them) to move to a property which has already been adapted or one that could be adapted more cost effectively than their own home.

There is no maximum limit for a discretionary grant but it may be secured by a charge placed on the adapted property.

You can apply for a DFG if you are:

  • The owner of the property. You do not need to be the disabled person, for example parents of a disabled child would make the grant application
  • The landlord of a property
  • The tenant of a property. In Stockport, the Council has separate arrangements for adapting the homes of its tenants. For more details please visit the Stockport Homes Adaptations webpage (see Related Links)

Who arranges the work?

You may choose to arrange and supervise the adaptation yourself or you can ask the Staying Put Scheme to arrange everything for you. For more information about the Staying Put Scheme please refer to Related Pages.

How do I apply for a Disabled Facilities Grant?

The Council can only offer you a grant if it considers that the work is necessary and appropriate, reasonable and practicable. As part of the decision making process we ask an Occupational Therapist to assess your needs and we ask that this is done first. So, to start the process;

  • If the disabled person is 18 years or over, please ring the contact centre on 0161 217 6029
  • If the disabled person is under 18 years old, please ring the contact centre on 0161 217 6028
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