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Boiler Scrappage Scheme
comment_icon Written on April 14, 2010 at 1:55 pm  

The Government Boiler Scrappage Scheme was finally launched on 5th January 2010, enabling homeowners in England to receive a £400 discount towards the supply-and-fit of new A-rated boiler (or similar) when scrapping their old boiler unit. This is subject to the homeowner’s existing boiler meeting the criteria set out in the scheme.

The Boiler Scrappage Scheme is designed to encourage homeowners to upgrade the energy performance of their heating and hot water systems.

Imagine having an instant hot shower on a freezing January morning rather than waiting ages just for a miserable cold one? Or getting up to a lovely warm home rather than waiting hours just for your breath to disappear?

The majority of homeowners aren’t even aware of the age or condition of their boiler, yet the boiler is one of the most important installations in the home. More important than your worshipped TV! Fact!

In a home without an efficient boiler, water takes longer to heat up and rooms take longer to warm up. In fact, in many homes, the desired water and room temperatures are never achieved due to an old, inefficient and unserviced boiler. And another cold fact; you’ll pay far more to run your inefficient boiler to only achieve a lukewarm reception!

New efficient boilers cost you less to run, for the temperatures you want.

And finally, a new boiler is covered under the supplier’s guarantee. In far too many homes, the existing boiler is out-of-guarantee and costing you extra money!

Who Qualifies?

1) Homeowners living in an owned or privately rented home (i.e. tenants) in England.*
2) Have a working G-rated boiler, which is the main boiler used to heat the home. The exception is for homeowners (including tenants) over 60, where the boiler does not need to be in working order.
3) ONLY homeowners and landlords who privately own and rent residential properties (i.e. dwellings) are eligible to apply for 1 no. boiler scrappage voucher^.

Who Doesn’t Qualify?

1) Disappointingly, boiler installers and manufacturers, Local Authority registered social landlords, and housing associations are NOT eligible for the Boiler Scrappage Scheme.
2)* The Governments and Assemblies of Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland are now responsible for drawing up and implementing their own Boiler Scrappage Schemes. At present, none of these countries have committed to such a scheme. However, if this changes then Boiler Scrappage Scheme will publish any breaking news.
3) And it goes without saying, but just to confirm; those who do not satisfy the critieria under ‘Who Qualifies?’.
4) Any new boiler installation carried out before receipt of your applied-for boiler scrappage voucher will invalidate your application and you will therefore no longer be eligible to receive the £400 discount voucher. SO PLEASE BE PATIENT WHEN WAITING FOR YOUR VOUCHER.
5) Electric boilers are not eligible through the Boiler Scrappage Scheme.

A Word About G-rated Boilers

If your existing gas boiler has a pilot light permanently on, then there’s a good chance it is a G-rated boiler and therefore eligible for the 1 no. boiler scrappage voucher^. As a rule of thumb, you may well be eligible if  your existing boiler is gas-fired and over 15 years old.

…And Oil-Fired Boilers?

If your existing boiler is oil-fired and over 25 years old, then there’s a good chance you will also be eligible for 1 no. boiler scrappage voucher^.

I Can’t Tell The Type Of My Boiler! 

Don’t worry! In the first instance, please visit our SEDUK Boiler Database to see if your existing boiler make and model is listed. Or…

…Or Let An Approved Gas Installer Do The Leg Work!!

The Stuff You Need To Apply For A Boiler Scrappage Voucher

1) Your full name.
2) The address of the property you are claiming the 1 no. voucher for. 
3) The make and model of the existing boiler which is to be replaced and scrapped**. 
4) The company or trading name, address and contact details of the approved boiler installer who is to be instructed to carry out the agreed installation work.
5) The make and model of the proposed replacement boiler which is to be installed i.e. gas, biomass or similarily approved.
6) A written quotation from the approved boiler installer who will be instructed to carry out the agreed work.

** If you are having difficulty establishing the make or model or your existing boiler in order to determine whether it qualifies through the Government scheme, then it may be easier to convey all known details to an approved gas installer for their assessment.

Once you have collated all the above information you can either email these details to the Energy Saving Trust (EST); boilerscrappage@est.org.uk or contact their ACT ON CO2 advice line on 0800 512 012.

When Is My Boiler Scrappage Voucher Issued?

The £400 Government boiler scrappage vouchers are to be issued from 18 January 2010.

Subject to your application being approved, 1 no. voucher will be issued to you around 10 days after your application has been received. However, we would advise that due to the possible high level boiler scrappage applications in the first few months, this period may be longer than 10 days.

The Boiler scrappage voucher is valid for up to 12 weeks from the date of issue. If the voucher is not used within this period, then it will be cancelled and reallocated to a new applicant.

^Please note; There will only be ONE voucher per homeowner or property. However, if the voucher is allowed to expire, then it may be possible to apply for another subject funds being available.

When Do I Receive My £400 Discount?

You will be able to commence with your new boiler installation once you’ve received your Boiler Scrappage Voucher. You will need to pay for your new boiler and associated installation work before claiming back the £400 discount by sending the voucher and associated invoice to the Energy Saving Trust (EST). Your £400 discount payment should be issued within 25 working days of receipt of said voucher and associated invoice.

Any new boiler installation carried out before receipt of your applied for boiler scrappage voucher will invalidate your application and you will therefore no longer be eligible to receive the £400 discount voucher.

Which Boilers Can A Voucher Be Redeemed Against?

The Boiler Scrappage Vouchers can be redeemed against an A-rated or equivalent gas, oil or LPG boilers, or boilers with a Passive Flue Heat Recovery Device, Micro CHP units or Microgeneration Certification Scheme-registered biomass boilers and heat pumps. Solar Thermal is also eligible if combined with an eligible boiler replacement.

Please note; Electric boilers are NOT eligible through the Boiler Scrappage Scheme.

Which Installers Qualify?

The installation of your new gas or oil boiler MUST be carried out by a registered installer with a competent person’s scheme (i.e. GasSafe or OFTEC). The installation of any microgeneration technology MUST be carried out by an installer qualified through the Microgeneration Certification Scheme.

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